Central Oregon is a naturalist's paradise with its snow-capped volcanic peaks ringing a beautiful valley of high desert landscapes and gorgeous ponderosa pine forests. Here in Bend, Oregon, where progressive-minded, environmentally-conscious and creative thinkers abound, we found our patch of soil, settled our roots and began to grow. Our roots are deep; We understand the soil, the plants. We are the plant-whisperers.

Every successful thing in life begins with a solid, healthy and harmonious foundation. And so with plants, Origins Organics has created nutrient formulations for the plant’s growth from beginning to end. We start with the soil, offering 100% complete and biologically-friendly water-soluble formulas to lay the groundwork for any type of agriculture. Our nutrients improve on time-tested compost tea brewing techniques by adding a full spectrum of highly available minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates, and humic acid.

Origins Organics Ultra-Premium Compost Tea Blends for your compost tea or stand-alone : Soul Food for the Soil. We are the game-changer: water-soluble = less packaging=less waste=ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. 2 parts = easy to use = more convenient = less expensive = HOMEWORK DONE!